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We loved you in Wisconsin! Thank you for being a part of our 2015 statewide conference.
I’m still filtering through all the evaluations and the hundreds of positive comments shared by our conference attendees. There are a few remarks that stand-out from those who heard you speak on Sunday evening as well as those who participated in your workshop the following day. Many remarked how easy it was to listen to you and learn from you. Your personal stories and sincere passion for your work came through as you reached out to our audience. Comments like …’she was great’…’awesome information’ and ‘bring her back’ come to mind as I write this note. The comment that I truly love reads: ‘You are my new Idol!’
On behalf of myself, the conference planning committee and my colleagues from the three chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association that serve Wisconsin, I share a heartfelt thank-you. Your passion, expertise and true commitment to caregivers and those they care for is truly to be commended.
I also thank-you for working with our limited budget to make this all possible! I certainly hope we can bring you back to Wisconsin sometime in the future. I wish you much success and encourage you to continue sharing your story and expertise with others!
Kathy Davies
Conference Planner

“I have had the pleasure of serving the elderly with Mara for the past two decades. She is an articulate, compelling, and passionate speaker whose ability to engage the audience stems from heartfelt experiences. Prepare to laugh, cry and be transported!”

Kacy Kang, MS
Principal & Chief Operations Officer
Meridian Senior Living



“When I think of Mara Botonis, I immediately think of an egoless, passionate, caring, family and senior advocate! Mara has the innate ability to connect with family members who have loved ones living with Alzheimer’s or other related Dementias. I’ve personally known Mara for more than 15 years, and I can honestly say, without a doubt, that she is the consummate professional and has nothing but the best intentions in touching people’s lives. “

Chris Hyatt,
Executive Vice President of Operations
Brookdale Senior Living


“Most speakers present and you hear them, but when Mara Botonis speaks, you truly feel it, understand it, and make life altering changes in how you live your life. Mara is truly a powerful presenter.”

John Cincotta
Senior Vice President Sales
Brookdale Senior Living


“Mara has always been one of my favorite speakers; her passion engages the room and touches everyone. You leave feeling educated and inspired every time you hear her speak.”

Michele DeClemente-Hughes
Vice President of Operations
Brookdale Senior Living



“Mara, your training on ‘All Behavior is Communication’ was one of the most profound Alzheimer’s sessions that I’ve ever participated in. Your ability to share factual information about the disease, while applying it to an everyday setting for those that live with Alzheimer’s was unbelievable. I truly re-visit my notes regularly so I can share the knowledge you taught me with caregivers that I work with across the country.”

April Young
Divisional Director of Sales
Brookdale Senior Living


“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Mara since 2000. At the heart of what Mara does is providing practical education, training and tools for those who take care of our seniors with a special focus on Dementia/Alzheimer. I have been part of her training session as a participant and also when she is training my staff. Her presentation style exudes warmth, passion and most importantly strong knowledge of what it takes to be a care giver for those with Dementia/Alzheimer. One leaves her training session feeling valued as a person and saying I can really put to into practice many of the things Mara shared, and then in fact they do. Mara taught me that one of those most important things you can do is remember that this individual you are taking care of had a full life before being hit with the disease, never lose sight of honoring that person as an individual.”

A.Ellen Harris
Vice President Operations
Living Communities, LLC



“Mara has the ability to provide guidance to families struggling with memory impairment by connecting and moving an audience; her stories and practical solutions are heartfelt and applicable to any caregiver.”

Anna Callender Forster, CDP
Corporate Director of Sales
Autumn Leaves Senior Living



“Mara speaks and trains from the heart. Her passion to help those struggling with Alzheimer’s disease shines through as she teaches and passes her knowledge to others. Mara’s work has and will continue to make a difference conquering this disease.”

Angela Neale Clark MBA, RN
District Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Holiday Retirement



“I worked with Mara during regional and national corporate training sessions, when we both worked at Emeritus Corporation. Mara is a gifted speaker and trainer, who has an amazing ability to balance empathy and encouragement with education and direction. “

Donna Landry Giuliana
(Previous) National Director of Public Relations and Communications
Emeritus Senior Living


As a Crime Prevention Specialist in law enforcement, I would highly recommend utilizing Mara as a resource and informational speaker regarding Alzheimer’s awareness. MaraBotonis is the most dynamic, heartfelt speaker I’ve ever heard. Mara very clearly and passionately communicates hermessage of Alzheimer’s awareness, education, and training in a very down to earth style. She is sure to add depth and motivation to your next conference!”

Officer Travis L. Akins
Crime Prevention Specialist
Roanoke Police Department, Roanoke, VA.




“Mara Botonis, through her experience with Alzheimer’s patients, and her heart for those caught in this terrible disease, shows herself time and time  gain to be a compassionate, reliable, and trusted resource for information and help for anyone affected by Alzheimer’s. Anyone that is looking for competent, down to earth advice for this journey would be well served to seek resources that she has lovingly made available.”

Executive Director
Memory People™ (10,000 + person online support group)



“Mara has a special gift to articulate something as emotional and scary as an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and break it down into meaningful and actionable care items. This kind of support for caregivers and families is priceless and empowering. So many resources exist that only speak to the disease; Mara speaks to the person. She has not only lived it, but  created a way to provide those of us that care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s a practical, loving and Successful model. Thank you Mara!”

Alice Latino
Heavenly Caregiver Services, Inc. and Heavenly Care Moving, Inc.



“We had the benefit of having Mara Botonis as one of our Keynote Speakers at our Annual Leadership Conference for our Administrators and Health Services Directors in September 2014. Mara was a dynamic speaker and her focus on person-centered care greatly resonated with our audience. She is passionate about the life story and her personal and professional experiences speak volumes. We would highly recommend Mara as an inspirational and motivational speaker.”

Alisa Clark
Vice President of Human Resources
JEA Senior Living


Sue Johnston
Vice President of Community Relations
JEA Senior Living





“Project Lifesaver has been working with Mara Botonis on a number of critical projects. She has been a keynote speaker at our annual conference and is our Alzheimer’s training and communications consultant, working with our organization to develop a series of certified and CEU approved training programs for law enforcement and public safety agencies.

Mara is smart and skilled, but more importantly she is passionate about the growing issues surrounding the care and understanding of individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. She has natural people skills and an intuitive leadership style. Her approach to team-building was quickly embraced by our members and her suggestions were insightful and realistic to implement.

Mara’s innovative ideas and approach leads confidently, but without arrogance. Perhaps even moreimpressively, she can also take direction well herself. I don’t know if I’ve met anyone in business with better communication skills We brought in Mara Botonis to speak to our member first responder and public safety agencies about strategies and best practices on identifying and managing the recovery and return of an Alzheimer’s/ Dementia patient who has wandered. She gave a powerful presentation, answered questions from our members easily and efficiently and made very complicated information simple and understandable.

I would recommend her services to any company or organization that requires a smart, passionate, and motivating consultant and presenter specializing in the areas of Alzheimer’s understanding and awareness, family caregiver support, and healthcare professional training. “

Gene Saunders
Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Project Lifesaver International