Table of Contents

When Caring Takes Courage

By Mara Botonis



Table of Contents


Section One: Getting Through Your Day

1. The Failure Free Philosophy of Biography Based Care®

2. About Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Signs and Symptoms For Family Self-Assessment

3. Communicating with a Person who has Alzheimer’s/Dementia

4. Bathing without Battling-Tips and Suggestions

5. Dressing and GroomingMade Easier

6. Toileting Tips and “Accident” Prevention

7. Important Nutrition/Hydration Solutions

8. MedicationsMade Easy

9. Taking Trips Outside the Home

10. Family and Friends-Secrets of Successful Visits

11. Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

12. Exit Seeking and Wandering-What You Need to know Now

13. Do You Need to Have More Help?  Your Care Needs Calculator 

14. Get the Help You Want on Your Terms

15. Creating a Care Plan for Right Now and What’s to Come

16. Overview of Home and Community Based Care Options

17. Financial Solutions for Affording Care in Today’s Economy

18. When Others Oversee Direct Care-Maintaining Your Role

Section Two: Creating the Best Possible Day

19. Fulfilling Whole Person Needs and Wants

20. Making Time for Moments that Matter

21. Ten Minutes Tops Philosophy

22. Encouraging Participation in Everyday Activities

23. Alzheimer’s AdaptedActivity Ideas: Physical

24. Alzheimer’s Adapted Activity Ideas: Spiritual/Calming

25. Alzheimer’s Adapted Activity Ideas: Supporting Emotional Needs

26. Alzheimer’s Adapted Activity Ideas: Promoting a Sense of Purpose

27. Alzheimer’s Adapted Activity Ideas: Social

28. Alzheimer’s Adapted Activity Ideas: Encouraging Intellectual Engagement

29. Alphabetical Alzheimer’s Adapted Activities List


i. Recommended Reading List

ii. Directory of Organizations and Resources