Specific Options for the SEO Tools for You

Specific Options for the SEO Tools for You

Google says that site speed affects search results digital marketing agency One Search Pro. The order in the results is directly affected by the speed of the server’s response.

In the picture you can see how the probability of leaving the page immediately increases, depending on the speed of its loading

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What is web speed?

Web speed is one of the on-page factors with a direct impact on SEO. In layman’s terms, this is the time it takes for the page to load, the time from pressing the address to entering a URL or clicking on a web link to viewing the page and being able to browse it. Speed ​​is affected by a number of factors that need to be considered before creating a website. Using the best seo tools is important there.


It is one of the key factors for measuring speed. It has several features that need to be addressed when choosing it.

BulletHosting (server) location

When choosing hosting, it is necessary to always choose quality hosting with geolocation, where the website will target customers. In short, this means that the closer the server is to the client that opens it at home, the faster it will appear to it.

A property that determines the probability that a site will fail . It can have worse consequences than a slow site. With frequently recurring outages , search engines can mark a website as unreliable and move it to a lower position .

BulletDevice speed (server speed)

An important factor is also the hardware of the server on which the website will be operated. In the case of shared hosting, which makes up the largest part, mainly due to lower cost and lower administration, this information is unavailable and hosting performance may change dynamically depending on the use of the server by other sites. Hence the name shared hosting. In principle, the better the hardware, the faster the server processes the request and responds to the client. A more complex website requires better hardware .

Undoubtedly, Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social networks today  . You can also use other social networks to present your e-shop or website:

  • YouTube and Vimeo
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • FourSquare geolocation service or share SlideShare, Prezi presentations

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How often do I update social networks?

It is advisable to take care of social networks regularly, especially Facebook and Instagram. We recommend separate content for each network, as fans are most likely watching and following you on both networks at the same time. But you have to keep track of the ideal timing for adding posts from your own statistics. Social networks will serve as a very strong long-term feedback.

Google inherits from social networks:


Social networks generate it as a meta tag title and display it as a title in a link in Google results. This is the title of the company page in the social network. It’s ideal to combine it with your domain, brand, or product name, or at least include keywords.


Google retrieves complete content from social network posts, and this content is very easy to find in Google. Conversely, usually the description you enter and social networks refer to it as a meta tag description, Google will not accept it. But be sure to fill it in carefully so that the visitor to your business site knows what you’re doing. The exception is YouTube, where Google takes over the entire caption.

The question is to what extent these SEO factors affect your e-shop or website. From experience well designed social networks have a significant (though not the most significant) influence on SEO.

The power of backlinks from social networks in Google

Find the name of your business. If you have a profile on a social network, the link to this social network will probably be in the TOP 10 in Google search results.